OxygenCalc – Oxygen Calculator will calculate the remaining oxygen left in an oxygen cylinder based on the size and remaining pressure in PSI. Also a timer/alarm can be set to alert you when you reach a preset reserve amount of oxygen left.  Available in Beta on the Android Play Store and later on the Apple Store. 

How to Use

Cylinder Size

Choose you cylinder size. Currently we support C, D and E sizes. Future versions will include many more configurations. 

Tank Constant

The Tank Constant is a specific value for each size of cylinder. You can accept the default that will be entered automatically when you select a cylinder size. The value is editable for custom size cylinders not covered by C, D or E. This is the total capacity in Liters divided by 2000 PSI (425L / 2000 PSI = .213 for a D).

Reserve Pressure

The Reserve Pressure is the amount of pressure you would like to reserve as a backup. 200 PSI is 10% of the total capacity of a cylinder. A more conservative value would be 400 to 500 PSI if more time is needed.

Flow rate

The Flow Rate is the value that you have set on your regulator for continuous flow. Currently the calculator doesn’t support an Oxygen Conserver like a Bonsai. Conservers use varying amounts of oxygen depending on your breath rate and would be difficult to gauge how long a cylinder would last.

Starting Pressure

The Starting Pressure is value you read off your cylinder gauge in PSI. When you pause and resume the countdown timer this will be updated with the Remaining Pressure.

Change Cylinder in 00:00:00

The Change Cylinder message shows the remaining time until the cylinder reaches the Reserve Pressure. At that point the Notification Ring Tone will sound.

Remaining Pressure is 0000 PSI  00%
The Remaining Pressure message shows the pressure remaining and will countdown until it reaches the Reserve Pressure. At that point the Notification Ring Tone will sound.
Start/PAUSE Timer, Stop ALARM
The green button starts the countdown timer and will disable the inputs until you pause the timer or until after the alarm sounds and you press the button to stop the alarm and reset the calculator.