ICalc – Ingress Calculator is a multifunction calculator built for the Augmented Reality game Ingress. Learn how to maximize your strategy for hacks, more AP, better defense and more. Available on both Android Play and the Apple Store. 


Hack Calc

Hack Calc calculates the number of hacks including the cooldown time between hacks for any combination of Multi-hacks and Heat Sinks, as well as the total time to Burnout the portal.

AP Calc

AP Calc calculates the total amount of AP that can be earned by neutralizing a portal, links and fields as well as rebuilding a portal, links and fields.

Shield Calc

Shield Calc calculates the amount of defense (mitigation) against attacks as a percentage. The maximum is 95% which would mean that amy 5% of XMP Burster damage will affect the resonators on a specific portal. This is not only based on the number and rarity of shields that have been installed but also any links created will add additional protection from attacks.

Perfect Calc

Perfect Calc calculates the maximum number of links and fields possible for a given set of portals. Also calculates the amount of AP that would be earned.

Portal Calc

Portal Calc calculates the portal level far a given set of resonators. Also calculates the link distance in Meters and Miles.

Link Calc

Link Calc calculates the number of leve18 agents and the number of Rare and/or Very Rare Link Amps that would be required to throw a specific distance entered.

Cycle Calc

Cycle Calc calculates the start and end times for the current Septicycle and the next 35 checkpoints far the regional mind unit scoring.